Hitzer 30-95 ash door vent?

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Post by fpappal » Sat. Mar. 06, 2021 8:26 am

The instructions that came with my stove say to open the vent in the ash door as well as the unit on the back of stove. After the fire is established do I close the vent in the ash door or leave it open? Manual does not say.

Also it says in big bolt print to never use lighter fluid to start the charcoal when getting a new fire started? Is that just to make their lawyers happy? What harm can a little lighter fluid do?


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Post by CapeCoaler » Sat. Mar. 06, 2021 9:56 am

"What harm can a little lighter fluid do?"...
Gel alcohol if ya need...
Lump charcoal and the gel will get any coal going...
Plus it works great in the grill or smoker...
Front ash vent just leave a sliver for base line air...

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