Old coal fireplace and Warm morning Model 818

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Grace Homestead Farm
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Post by Grace Homestead Farm » Tue. Mar. 02, 2021 12:48 am

I hope I posted this on the correct place.

Last year we saved the family non working farm and have been renovating the old farmhouse as we go.....
My great grandparents built the house!
My grandmother used the coal fireplaces until 2001. She was too old (86) to keep using and packing coal so they went to propane. I have very fond memories of laying in front of the fireplace listening to it crackle!
The house has a double fireplace (one in the livingroom and one in the front bedroom) that goes into 1 main chimney in the middle of the 2 story part of the house.
Now I Would absolutely LOVE to get the fireplaces back to working but am not really sure if it is feasible.
No clue where to even start?! My husband wanted to just take the chimney down to the roof and be done with it all...income this dang polar vortex and out of electric for hours with no heat . Yeah, He has changed his mind.
Do people use coal fireplaces anymore?!
Where even should we start?!
We live in Central KY and new to all of this.
Anyone in Central KY who could give some insight? Where would we even get coal?!

Also, My son called us tonight because His friend bought a house and it has a "warm morning Model 818" in his basement. The previous owners had switched their fireplace over to gas so he wants to sell it for $200 and get it out of the basement. It looks to be in great condition.
I think it would be a good deal even if it could go in the garage. But again ??? It's coal and not really even sure how to get coal.
Any insight would be appreciated!
Thanks from the newbie!

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Post by Pauliewog » Tue. Mar. 02, 2021 10:50 am

Tractor supply is a good source for coal. Hopefully a member close to you will see this post and add some other options.

Post some pictures of your fireplace inserts so we can tell what you have.


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Post by freetown fred » Tue. Mar. 02, 2021 11:04 am

go to top right--search--type in warm morning model 818 & see what pops up

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Post by coalder » Tue. Mar. 02, 2021 11:37 am

We have a member " Ky Speesracer". in Middletown,KY He makes reference to burning coal in a fireplace in a thread " burning bit & anthracite together". Go to search in upper right to locate.

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Post by McGiever » Tue. Mar. 02, 2021 1:39 pm

Anthracite is not what crackled in grandma's fireplace...was low volaitile bituminous.

Parts of Kentucky have a highly prized soft or bituminous coal...Kentucky Lump, it is some of the best, so I have heard.
Warm Morning 818 is a bigger stove and can burn both anthracite or bituminous coal and very well.

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