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Post by fig » Tue. May. 05, 2020 1:25 pm

Nice score. I found 10 free bags on CL but I was too late. Too bad cuz I’m almost out of pellets and we have a week of 35 degree lows coming. I only have two bags left so I might be making a rocket stove so I can burn a huge pile of branches I have.

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Post by KaptJaq » Sun. Mar. 07, 2021 9:41 am

My local TSC has been selling labeled "Miner's Choice" this season but in three(3) slightly different bags. I've bought 60 bags at three(3) different times. The first twenty had a handle cutouts but no reinforcement. The second had reinforced handle cutouts. The third have no handle cutout.

The content of the bags differed a little also. The ones with just the cutouts/no reinforcements were fairly consistent size nut coal but had a lot of fines. In the second group the size was totally inconsistent and there were a lot of fines. The third group, no handle cutouts, were again pretty consistent nut coal size and did not have a lot of fines.

I'm not sure if these are manufacturing differences or handling problems. The first group I picked clean bags off the pallet and loaded my truck. I paid for the second load and when I pulled the truck into the stock area the forklift operator already had the bags on a pallet and put the pallet into the truck. When I off loaded I realized the bags were dirty and the pallet had been re-stacked. I don't know how long the bags were bouncing around the stock area. The third group arrived at the store as I arrived. Told the forklift guy what I was buying and he put the full pallet next to my truck. Except for one ripped-in-transit bag the coal was clean & neatly stacked. I loaded the 20 bags into the truck. When the manager came out to move the pallet where it belonged (and count how many I took) he tossed the ripped bag in also. This undisturbed pallet was in the best condition of all three loads.


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