Keystoker Automatic Stoves

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has anyone any information of the keystoker automatic stoves. I do not have a chimney and would like to put next to my furnace and supplement heat from propane furnace. I can't get any information on size and space needed around it.

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hi,imrr welcome!i am heating my entire house with a keystoker koker.i have it connected to my fha oil furnace and used 0 gal.of oil last season after install.great unit in my opinion but not to say that the other mfgrs.are not just as good.they have all been building stoves for a long time,and build a good quality product.good luck with you decision. if you chose to go the coal route consider adding the dhw coil for @$200.00 to save even more! powervent your furnace and use your chimney for the coal your furnace will only run if you let coal fire go out or you leave for few days your pipes wont freeze with propane as back up.

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