Help Choosing a Hitzer Stove for My Application

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Post Tue. May. 13, 2014 7:26 am

[quote="Real1on"]Ok I'm going with the the 50-93 thanks guys, I'm gonna forget the forced air idea, I will just put a large fan in the cold air return and blow the cold air out of my house and into the basement, and draw the heat in with negative pressure sound good? Also something I was thinking of my hot water tank is using the chimney as well will this be an issue? Edit. Should I look into dampers? What type and explain them I read a lot about baro and other I don't understand what each one does differently and google is not helping. Thanks so much guys[/quote]

The idea of the fan has some positive results. My fan is in the center of the house it came out of a kitchen range hood. It has 2 speeds and the air current falls into the basement about 5 feet in front of the stove. I still use blower in the stove to move the hot air in the plenum, without the plenum I would need to cut holes in the floor for the heat to rise. My fan is centrally located in the floor of a linen closet that has a louvered door. Consider a smoke test for air currents before the power tools come out. 8-)

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