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Thanks McGiever... That is what I needed to see. It is near identical to what I had envisioned it would look like. I found one picture on some site where I could see a finger pull flip up sticking outside the top cover. Thank You for that effort!

I have found access to some anth coal locally so....... maybe I make it functional for the winter and pretty it up next spring. Now I have to come to grips with poking a hole in a house where I paid big money to have it well insulated. IF I can find a flue dampner where it can be closed close to air tight for when the stove is not in use.... then I will fell better about poking a big hole in a perfectly good sidewall

Given I have found no one who admits to having spare parts laying around, it looks like I will have to fabricate it out of some 1/4" steel plate. If anyone has a suggestion as to where I can find a top trim ring or this top tube blanking piece... please make some suggestions

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