Possible New Coal Burner

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Post Sat. Oct. 06, 2012 11:53 am

Adkhunter wrote:Yeah I was looking into getting a thermostat for it. But for right now I'm gonna try going without it. That's something I can get later this winter or even next year. For now we just needed to get something and get it put in once the house is ready for it. Should be ready to install the end of the month or early next month depending on when I can get back home. Bought the stove and the power vent for $2000 so I think I got a steal on it. He sells bagged coal for $300 a ton which I think is a little high but the only other place I've found it was $289 bagged. So for $11 difference I will prolly just get this years supply from him and next year will buy it in bulk and get it delivered to the house once I build a bin for it. My parents are most likely going to buy a stoker furnace for their house as well so we will need alot of it. They have a 2300 sq ft house and a 3 car attached garage with a apartment above it to heat. There's a wood stove in the garage that heats the garage and apartment so the chimney and space for a furnace is already there. Makes sense to just swap in a coal furnace and just tie in some duct work into the already existing system. Should save them quite a bit of money

I will get some pics of our house and the new stove put up on here sometime over the weekend for you guys to check out.

Thanks for the help and I'm sure looking forward to learning more and more about this stuff and to begin burning!
Yep sounds like an excellent deal Adk. Great price for that stove and the vent. It's really an easy stove to run for the wife too when/if you are on the road. Add coal to the hopper and dump the ashes is all it takes. I think your folks will love em too. Lot less work then wood and never have to worry about the quality or seasonong of the wood. You guy should get a truck load like the furnace and some stoker guys do who have other family with the same type coal needs. You can a better buy if you take a truckload.

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Post Sat. Oct. 06, 2012 11:11 pm

"Bought the stove and the power vent for $2000 so I think I got a steal on it."

:roll: :roll: How can you sleep at nite :P

Your next assignment should you choose to accept it is to find us bagged rice in Albany NY for $200.00 a ton :lol:

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