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We have the hitzer up and has been fantastic we have maintained a fire over two weeks and have not had to restart it once. What a blessing. We seem to have the hopper and shaking ashes down to a science. We are thrilled with the fact we are able to heat our entire 1600 sq ft and we haven't had to shut off rooms. At least not until last night, yesterday was a windy cold day, the fire did great. However, we have to winterize a bit. Once we got home and started the blower the temperature quickly rose up to where we wanted it to the thermometer in a hallway two rooms away.
The thing is we turn the blower off during the day, and we turn it off while we are in bed. Our thinking being to give the blower a rest. So, now we are wondering how long is safe to run the blower without turning it off?
I also had a thought, regarding a timer. Currently we have the blower plugged into a switch which allows the blower to be ran at a 'hi' and a 'low' speed. My thought is, what if we bought one of those timers, like is used for security to turn lights on and off at certain intervals. Could we theoretically plug the blower into a timer of sorts, and have it come on for a time a couple of times a day to keep the warm air circulating to all parts of the house and maintain a more even temperature throughout. So, we don't have that period of time,where we have to 'heat' things back up, when we get home?
I'd appreciate the input.

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If the blower is rated for continuous duty it can run constantly, it doesn't need a rest. The blowers motor should have a plate with its rating (most likely marked "duty", if labeled "cont", you are all set). A timer is fine, but you may be better off running it at low speeds when out and higher when home, experiment to see which suits you.

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Go back to the dealer or to a home center and but a variable speed control to plug in your blower motor. I have the 50-93 and run the fans about mid way during most of the winter, but during cold snap, I will run the blower as high as it goes. This keeps both the basement, where the stove is located, and the main floor nice and toasty. When you get the control, just crank it up jto get the house where you want it and then turn it down to where it maintains the level you desire. This may take some adjustments as does the entire learning curve with coal heat. On my third season with coal and still learning something new about avary day.

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I have the variable speed control box, which I plug the blower into. I was shutting it off at bedtime and whenever we left the house, as I was afraid I would "burn" out the motor. Being able to keep the blower running, the majority of the time, will keep the house from cooling down so dramatically, and maintain a nice even temperature.
Nice news!
Love this forum.

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I have the Hitzer 354 with the variable speed controller, and I have been shutting off during the day, still gets a bit too warm. After growing up with a leaky old pot belly stove, the Hitzer is pure paradise!

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Post Fri. Nov. 09, 2007 5:51 am

In my pole barn garage , I have the 30-95 , and do as you do. If I'm not in the garage , I turn off the fan. The only reason I turn off the fan is because of my 24 hour tending times. If the fan is left on , too much heat is taken off the stove , and I would not be able to do 24 hour tending times , due to the automatic thermastat openning up more often. Yes , I can turn the thermastat dial to "0" , but I don't. I have the 50-93 in the basement of my house. The stove gets tended every 12 hours. The fan runs continuously around the clock. As far as fan life goes , like others have said , your better off leaving it on continuously during the heating season.

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