Effort to Improve Chimney Draw

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Ain't it grand when a plan comes together. ;)

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duck wrote:We have always had problems in spring and fall getting enough draw from the outside chimney once we switched from wood to coal, constant puffing and CO alarm activation. The chimney was built in the late 70's to handle a Joutl Combi # 4 wood burner and did a good job. This fall I decided to try something that wasn't big $$'s, the stove pipe connection for the Hitzer is 6" so we figured we'd try an wind turbine on top of the chimney. I called the folks at Empire Ventilation in New Jersey and had quite a conversation and explained what I wanted to do - make an adaptor for the top of the chimney and affix a 6" wind turbine on it. They said no guarantee but it sounded like it had potential, they did say the turbines would not work with wood burning they get quickly clogged.
Fortunatly my workplace has a full sheet metal fab shop and I worked in that area for quite a few years before switching jobs so after taking some measurements we completed a SS adaptor to affix to the top of the chimney. As you can see in the photo there are quite a few trees around that don't help the situation.

Results - A definite positive the monometer shows definite improvement we have not had one CO alarm so far even the days when temps were in the high 50's. We get quicker response when it is time to reload the fire brightens up quick and the new coal ignites faster (have to be careful now). On dead calm days the turbine has stopped when the stove is running, but as soon as I open the ash door and the fire starts to build the turbine starts to really spin. Right now I am running the Hitzer without the hopper installed it is still too warm to really get rolling. Don't know how long the turbine will last it was recommended we purchase the SS model - have to say the folks at Empire were great I ordered it and had it in 3 days.
SPRING 2012 - The above was posetd in the Fall of 2011, by now we would have had to shut the Hitzer down because of CO and the alarms. Haven't had any problems yet and the temps here have reached the low 60's a few times high 50's todya. The turbine has kept the draw going eliminating the CO backup we have experienced for years.

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