Tremont Wood/Coal Fireplace Insert

Modern and vintage hand fired coal stove are similar to a wood stove and in some cases can burn either. They need to be regulated and fed by hand usually every 12 to 24 hours depending on your usage. They require no power to operate making them ideal for rural settings with long power outages.
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I just picked up a lightly used Treemont Wood/Coal fireplace insert and I'm having trouble finding information for this item. Does anyone know anything about this brand? The UL date is 1982 and that fits the timeline provided by the previous owners. There are a couple of websites that indicate that Harman brought the company but didn't continue with most of the models. The insert has only been used for wood and my sister intends to continue with that fuel. I doubt that anyone even realized that it could be used with coal but it has grate shakers and is labeled as such. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated. I'm particularly looking for the owner's manual. Thanks, Lisa
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Lisa, Try this site ... rence.html
also look under vansco stoves.


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