Harmon SF-150 Vs Hitzer Ez Flow 50-93? (Big One)

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Hi- Love this forum. Any way I am replacing a US Stove 1537G in the basement cause it STINKS for burning anthracite. Even got the blower. Anyway I am looking at 2 stoves Saturday. 1 is a Large Hitzer EZ Flow and the other is a Harman SF 150 Dual Fuel. I read all the info on the Hitzer and it sounds great but how does it compare to the Harman SF 150? I am heating a 3k sq ft house (not including the basement), well insulated and have a VC Winterwarm 50k BTU insert in the Living room. Running wood in the US Stove and the winterwarm together kept us toasty but the US stove ate 75% of the woodpile and needed tending every 7-8 hours. I figured I would take it to the experts.

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Hi Jeffk welcome to the forum I think you mean the Harman SF-250 http://www.harmanstoves.com both are great stoves The Hitzer 50-93 will hold 50lbs and heat up to 2500 sq. ft. http://www.hitzer.com The Harman SF-250 will hold about 80lbs will heat up to 3000sq. ft. The 50-93 is a Gravity-fed stove the sf-250 throws a lot of heat it loads threw the door There are a few members that have both stoves Iam sure they will be able to help you out more You are heating a big place I would go with the bigger unit Have you looked at the Alaska stoves yet they also make great stoves And stokers check there site out http://www.alaskastove.com They make the Kodiak model that is a gravity feed stove and it will hold 120lbs of coal And heat up 3000 sq ft. 15k to 100k B.T.U. Two of these stoves have the Optional Blowers as well And the 50-93 has Automatic draft control The kodiak as a Optional Bi - Metel Thermostat I think it also comes down to how much you are willing to spend The kodiak is around 1400 and the blower is 125.00 and I think the thermostat is 76.00 The Hitzer 50-93 I think is 1750 or 1775 not sure what the blower is I have no idea what the SF-250 is going for the blower is Standard I don't think you can go wrong with any of this stove good luck and keep us posted :)

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