Night Fire Burns Out

Modern and vintage hand fired coal stove are similar to a wood stove and in some cases can burn either. They need to be regulated and fed by hand usually every 12 to 24 hours depending on your usage. They require no power to operate making them ideal for rural settings with long power outages.
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Tell us a little about your evening routine. Do you have a barro installed? What are your air settings? What kind of coal are you using? Do you have any thermometers on your stove? Where do you live? You say the fire goes out overnight - is there any unburned coal left in morning? What does the coal bed look like? Is it deep and red hot? Coal likes a deep fire bed - 8 or 10 inches. Are you able to get a 10 or 12 hour burn during the day? If so what are you doing different.

I'll take a WAG and say that you have your air settings too high and all the coal is burning up before morning. How is the heat the fire is producing in the hours before you go to bed? Is it super hot in the room and then it goes cooler slowly? If you still have coal but the fire is out, maybe the fire is smothering itself because the ash is not getting cleaned out well enough. Fill some of the blanks about your stove and your tending routine and I'm sure that the forum will be able to help you. We just need you to pin point some questions. Good Luck, Lisa
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As Lisa has indicated, more information is always more useful in helping folks out with their problems.
If you would add your location and type of stove/furnace you are using to your profile, we would know what climate and outside temps you might be experiencing. Also in coal discussions we would know what coal breakers and dealers are in your area.

I agree with everything Lisa said, and would emphasize filling the firebox to the top of the firebricks. Having the deep bed is critical for a long burn.
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I'll give you a bump and say the door gaskets need replacing.

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Not really that interested it would appear...

But just in case.
Do you mean the fire goes out,
or the stove runs out of fuel?
If the fire goes out, that is one thing.
If you run out of fuel, that is another.

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