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Post by Sunny Boy » Thu. Jun. 18, 2020 2:51 pm

gardener wrote:
Thu. Jun. 18, 2020 1:43 pm
I saw this '60s Coleman camping oven for sale.
Is this somehow different than a stove top oven?
I don't recall as many vents on a stove top oven, actually the only venting I recall was the loose seams.
Do any of you use stove top ovens when cooking with your coal stoves?

They still sell them. No one I know uses one with a range.

Meant to be used on top of a wood or camping stove that does not have an oven. They may not fit well on a range because most have a mantel shelf sticking out over the cook top that may not be high enough to clear the oven so it can sit all the way on the cooktop. Plus ranges already have an oven - some even have two ovens.

And because some ranges vent the oven into the lower pressure area of the range flues, plus, it's the range's oven walls providing the heat source, there is no need to clean the range oven from baking/broiling vapor condensing on the oven walls like it does with modern ovens. In 15 seasons, 9 months long, and doing a lot of baking, I've never had to clean the oven of my range. We just leave a half sheet baking pan on the oven floor to catch any accidental overflow spills.


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