Semi-Anthracite Near Bernice, Mildred and Lopez, Pa

The history of coal is quite a long one, you'll find links and information for history among other things here.
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I don't know whats taking place at the old mines in mildred but thier is activity again up thier. Now hard to say its gas related or coal. But good to see some work back in the area. wouldnt it be nice to have a breaker close to home, oh well.

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The deep mines were all located around the perimeter of the "hill" per se. I know of at least three openings, just because we used to explore a lot. I also know where you shouldn't explore, because that rain in the late summer opened some ground. The activity at the Falcon site isn't mining operations, it's a leased facility. They used it for parking construction equipment when 487 was being paved; and before that, Geokinetics used it to park and store equipment. It was also a recycling plant in the late 90's. They were well known for electrical fires.

If you're trying to research it, in DEP and etc; records, try "Connell Deep Mine Complex". Only the deep mines cut in the 20th century were mapped, and to what extent, who knows. The slopes go in every direction, toward Lopez, Murray, Ringdale, Bernice and under a large portion of the village of Mildred. Usually if the ground is warm, during the first snow fall, you can tell where the shallow sections are. There's one that goes from an old breaker site, almost in a straight line across the eastern part of Mildred. Just slow down by St. Francis cemetery, look off to the left for the caution tape. That's how far the underground mines stretch off the known complex.

There were also mines out on Dutch Mountain, and on, incidentally, Coal Mine Road; a loop road in Worlds End State Park. That would be under Loyalsock Coal Company. Shut down now, but it was operated by horse drawn sled and trucks, still a lot of evidence left if you look around. Watch your step though, wear boots that support your ankles, there are lots of things hidden under the pine needles.
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