Porter Tunnel - 40 Years Ago

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Post By: gaw » Wed. Mar. 01, 2017 12:30 am

It is hard to believe 40 years have passed. I was only a school kid back then. Four kids I knew from school and/or church lost their fathers that day. It was a sad time.

Some recent stories from local papers.


http://republicanherald.com/news/families-remember-miners-wi ... -1.2159994

An interesting read

Someone made video at the memorial service.

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Post By: freetown fred » Wed. Mar. 01, 2017 7:05 am

Thanx G. Good find.

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Post By: Den034071 » Wed. Mar. 01, 2017 7:09 am

Guys members of forum Read This .The cost of the coal we use .Amen

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Post By: samhill » Wed. Mar. 01, 2017 7:42 am

My hats off to these gentlemen, I can't even begin to imagine what they thought in those minutes. :(

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Post By: DRBill » Sun. Mar. 05, 2017 2:43 pm

This guy is "The Wandering Woodsman." Bunch of videos, including videos of the north side of Short Mountain in Dauphin County in the area of Gratz. The tail end of the Southern Field was supposedly semi-anthracite. One shows two old slope mines with bars across the entrances, as well as what looks like a new ventilation pipe with bars on it. Was that for mines on the south side of the mountain? Also areas that look like subsistence. I'm not sure there are still any working mines on the south side. From the pictures of the trees on the road on the north side, it looks like there hasn't been any mining there in maybe fifty years. I'd be interested in contacting him, but can't find a "Contact Us." Anyone know anything about him or how to contact him?

Anyone have any information on the coal fields in Stony Valley? I suspect they have been closed for over a hundred years and always wondered if there was still recoverable coal there. There is a bike trail in Stony that goes all the way up to Tower City, as I recall. That would have once been a rail line. The trail is closed to motorized vehicles and is now State Game Lands, but I always thought it would be fun to take the horses up the trail to look at the remains of the town that was up there.

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