Elevator Fall at Lehigh Mine -1952

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Post By: Den034071 » Mon. Nov. 23, 2015 7:45 pm

First I must mention in c oal region a elevator is a cage .!952 L C N mines working 6 days a week Korean war demand .This sat. 6 men were waiting for cage to there work area 12oo feet to sixth level .The cage was open on 2 sides an closed on other 2 sides .A cross bar prevented falling out an also a 4 inch grab circle connected to a ceiling chain could or was held on to while descending .It was January very cold .As the cage descended the miners could here ice breaking off the shaft sides .Slowly slowly down then It Stopped .Whats going on we are between levels an back then No Radio to the Hoist engineer .Then .Bam .The cage dropped some 30 feet down .Some screamed I guy swallowed his chew .What happened the 4 inch cable kept un winding an added weight on the roof bonnet ot of the cage .This caused the cage to finaly break through the ice buildup on the sides of the shaft .When reaching the bottomalthough shaken the miners told bottom hoist man to contact the boss an raze Hell .The reason is as follows .Whether drunk or what remember it was the day after payday .Lots of whiskey an beers went down last night as Friday was Payday .The night Shaftman who came in at four am to run the elevator up an down never came to work.These 6 could have been killed .The grim reaper smiled he would wait another day as accidents an death were common at the mines .This happened at no .8 mine in Coaldale Pa .My pop an his mining butty were 2 of the miners .Jack

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Post By: VigIIPeaBurner » Mon. Nov. 23, 2015 9:00 pm

Thanks Jack for sharing that bit of history. Scary stuff that all worked out. Wonder if the cage would have stayed stuck if the cable's weight hadn't pushed it thru the ice blockage?

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Thanx for the post Jack. Dangerous work in the mines indeed. The Creator was surely with your Pop & his buddy that day.

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