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The history of coal is quite a long one, you'll find links and information for history among other things here.
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This photographer has spent 40 years recording our favorite subject .Many of his pictures of breakers railroads are now gone .Recently at the Anthracite museum in Scranton he had an extensive photo display of independent miners .Scott Herring this man has gone into these mines an is welcome to the miners as a brother .Check it out its quite a wonderful photo an historical pleasure .jack from Coaldale

http://www.thelastanthracitephotographer.com/anth ... oal-D3.php
Jack from Lehigh Valley

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As usual,You've come up with yet another Anthracite Heritage Whopper ! Thanx,Jack !! :up:
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Nice Jack. Thanks for sharing. Here's a old coaling tower I use to go by a couple times of week. Picture from Conrail days. The Boston and Albany owned the tower and related roundhouse.
As far as I know the tower and roundhouse is still there. The last time I went by was in 2011.

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