Centralia Time-Capsule Opened

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Digging up something other than coal in Centralia...

http://www.poconorecord.com/article/20141007/NEWS ... 01105/NEWS
Despite the mine fire burning underneath Centralia, the capsule was not disturbed until it was tampered with back in May, when someone dug up the metal vault and tried to break off the locks.

Debbie Gownley admired the bonnet in her hands. It was a little yellow with age, but in great condition.

“Look at all the writing, how it is preserved,” she told everyone as she showed off the bonnet that her grandmother, Emma May, wore during the borough’s centennial celebration as a member of the Sisters of the Swish, their names written on the inside

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I used to live in Centralia as a kid, I was there for this opening.

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Cool! This reminded me that that my kids and I buried a time capsule in the back fill of the retaining wall we put in 2001. Hopefully, it's still near the top. I forget what they put in it but it's all inside Tupperware. We'll dug it up before we move in 10 years or so.

Something else we did over the 30 years we've lived here is put a current picture of the kids in the walls anytime we had an opening. There's one in the kitchen from that remodel, in the house addition and one behind the drywall patch from my son's Kung Fu kick. I guess there's 7 or 8 throughout the house. I don't know if anyone will find them but maybe... Lisa
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