Coal Breaker and Mine in Eynon Pa.

The history of coal is quite a long one, you'll find links and information for history among other things here.
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Hi all:

When I was a boy in the fifties. I would spend my summers with my grandparents in Eynon Pa. My grandfather retired from that mine near the pothole. The NYO&W had a spur that fed a breaker, up the road from us.

Those were great times for me. I made friends with an engineer on the NYO&W. He would stop his NW-2 at the Thomas street crossing so I could hop on. He would let me ride for a while and explain things. What a nice guy! (Try doing something like that now adays!) This is why I have such a love for the NYO&W.

My questions are:

(1)- What was the name of that Breaker that the NYO&W supplied in Eynon?

(2)- Was it NYO&W owned?

(3)- What was the name of the mine located there?

Any information will be greatly appreciated.


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