In like Flynn ? Not for Danny Matterson - Guilty of rape - 30 yr sentence

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Granted, raping is not good. But really, bringing charges against a defendant after about 20 yrs ?

The statute of limitations (SOL) should be 5 years for such a crime, or 5 yrs after the victim turns 18.

Think it cannot happen to you 'cause you follow every law religiously ? Think again. The IRS came after me for not filing taxes 15 yrs ago once. What did the IRS do with the evidence showing a filed taxes (I got a refund that year too ) ? The IRS destroyed the records I sent them and then they said I did not respond to their complaint. I had to file a federal case to get them to admit that I filed that year; the state was right behind of course - I provided the state with the same records and the state found I filed. No SOL for non-filers. Keep your records forever folks.

From what I read online, the defendant was not allowed to present a defense (basically); will be interesting to see what happens. The defendant had a trial before this one resulting in a mistrial.

Really, after 20 yrs, a defendant has little chance of finding witnesses that can recall things from 20 years ago. SOL for such a crime should be such that it allows a defendant to present a case.

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