Now what ? Got two 120v motors out of a mower & snowblower..what to do with them

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Post by davidmcbeth3 » Sun. Sep. 03, 2023 5:01 pm

Recalling I got a new chipper....old chipper fit under a shelving one is too big soooo

Need the cull out the useless snowblower (that works but chute is locked up so I got new one) and the old electric push mower ... both are about 40 yrs old. To make room for newer chipper.

I like to keep motors tho v. just tossing everything today I disassembled both and got the 120v motors out (~ 15amp motors or 1500 watt).

The snowblower was a pain...many nuts and bolts, much angle grinding to get the motor out. It has a 2 " pulley so I kept that on.

The mower was easy 4 bolts + removal of blade, zippo bappo - 5 min.

Now what to do with the motors ? Gotta make something. Last motor I got off an old machine I made a water pump...

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