New dog food help guys

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Post by Den034071 » Tue. Mar. 09, 2021 6:18 pm

Im late but thanks guys .jack

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Post by Hoytman » Sat. Apr. 10, 2021 12:47 pm

Purina Pro Plan is top notch food for a sporting dog. We fed our Labrador chicken and rice and supplement with Dinovite. I’ve been using the Dinovite for over 20 years and before there were radio commercials advertising it.

I’ve fed Black Gold, Iams, Eukabuba, Hill’s Science Diet, Nutro, Diamond, and several others.

I am not partial to one over the other. I let the dogs decide. Their coats must look healthy, it must agree with their stomachs, and it helps if they like it and most importantly good solid poops.

Just so happens we tend to go back to Pro Plan simply because I can always find a flavor the dogs like and do well on.

Our dogs have done well on many of the foods listed. Just so happens some of those companies kept having too many recalls for us to keep buying their products. That’s a shame because the dogs liked those too and were doing well on them. Purina has always had a solid reputation. Iams used to be made 15 miles from my house.

There are still other brands of dog food that are perfectly fine. However, I’m not opposed to healthy table scraps either. Fed many dogs in them, and they appreciate raw meet scraps from the local butcher shop...if you can find one. I’m living at my grandpas old Beagle hound kennel and many a field trial beagle was raised here on table scraps and meet scraps and raw eggs.

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Post by Richard S. » Sat. Apr. 10, 2021 11:03 pm

Every dog we have ever had started out as self feeding on average dog food. If you start that when they are puppies they get accustomed to the food being there and will only eat when they are hungry. My Bother used to come by with his dog and we'd have to take the dog dish up because the damn thing would eat it all.

Also, we have always fed them table scraps in moderation which was their main source of nutrition. The dog food became snack they could eat anytime they wanted. In fact when my parents dogs visited me here they didn't get a lot of table scraps. It would be funny because for the first two days I would watch the food dish dwindle as it normally would, at some point they would figure out they weren't getting anything else and they would empty it out...only because they didn't eat much for a while.

All our dogs have lived to 12 plus years, usually quite healthy for the most part.

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