Current cost of living compared to 1985.

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Post by Rob R. » Mon. Mar. 02, 2020 8:41 am

Depends where you are, and which periods you are comparing. As a general rule property values track with inflation, but there are many things that can change that.

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Post by KLook » Mon. Mar. 02, 2020 8:45 am

Supply and demand FF. And it is hit and miss around the country. I just sold a waterfront property in Maine for $44,000 that the state evaluated at $230,000 10 years ago.....My house in Maine with 8 acres, a 1 acre pond, new construction only appraised for about $145,000 last year.....That house and land here in Tenn. would go for $600,000.....


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Post by NoSmoke » Wed. Mar. 11, 2020 4:46 pm

Even in the best markets, Maine is always in a continual recession.

The next town over from where I live has the dubious honor of being the poorest town per capita in all of the United States. It is pretty pathetic, but I mowed the sides of the road in that town, and it is pretty believable once you are out and about, and see the town at 4 miles per hour.

They are trying to do some things to make it better here, and to some extent it is working. There are more food pantries now, and the schools are open all year so that kids can go in an get something to eat. Schools are working with the area churches to get places for the kids to play/stay in after school care, so things are improving, but no one stays here.

My town has stayed the same in population for the 45 years I have been here. The only reason for that is, the Amish moved in and have 14 children per family. If it was not for them and their prolific breeding, we would have lost 1/3 of our town in population.

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