Fruit flies and gnats

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Post by ColdHouse » Thu. Dec. 28, 2023 8:01 am

For quite a long time I was making kefir. That is fermented milk that is supposed to have probiotics and supposed to be better than yogurt. Anyhow, for one reason or another we got these fruit flies or gnats in the house and even after removing whatever could have been the source, the flies lived on. They wouldn't go away. They can survive in the refrigerator. Last week after simply hoping and imagining that there were less or that they were going away I decided it was time to take real action. I went online and pretty much everybody's solution is to mix a sweet vinegar with water and soap. The idea of the soap is that it changes the specific gravity of the solution. I guess without soap they can walk on water. With soap they drown. Another popular solution is to make funnels and put them into containers with the aforementioned solution. Supposedly they enter thru the funnel and then cannot get out. I saw a guy with a 10 minute video supporting these methods and in the end his big secret was to pour a glass of wine for himself and as they collect in the glass, cover the top with his hand, go out side and remove his hand. Many commenters stated that they cleaned entire house, removed all possible sources, cleaned drains... to no avail. That was my situation until I took it to the next level. I eradicated the pesky pests in a couple of hours.

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Post by nut » Thu. Dec. 28, 2023 8:42 am

They were bad in our house too. The sticky traps help along with alcohol in a spray bottle. For whatever reason we finally won. The vinegar in a cup along with a sticky trap attached to the cup seemed the best.

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Post by Richard S. » Thu. Dec. 28, 2023 3:37 pm

I'll first use the shop vac to suck them up wherever they are partying at, stuff a plastic bag in the end of the hose so they can't escape from there. The funnel into the apple cider vinegar seems to work for me to take care of the rest of them. Can't say I ever had problem getting rid of them once club tomato was removed. I never see them at all this time of the year.

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Post by carlherrnstein » Thu. Dec. 28, 2023 5:41 pm

My mom got a gnat fan trap. It has a small fan that sucks them in. She had a bad infestation of them this summer when the tomatoes started getting processed.

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