Copper shortage

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Post by ColdHouse » Tue. Jun. 04, 2024 1:59 pm

k-2 wrote:
Sat. Jun. 01, 2024 10:11 am
There goes the uptick in copper thieves again. The recycle centers need to be regulated and anyone turning in copper needs to be a documented and photographed as a legitimate LEGAL recycler. The idiots around here were actually prying up and stealing manhole covers out of the street with the name of the water company cast into them and trying to cash them in for steel scrap. Im surprised all those brass flower holders are still there at the cemetery . A metal thief's dream waiting to be plucked
I went to the recycling scrap yard today.
I had a lot of copper wire Romex type, some aluminum, brass, copper, batteries, stainless, and a catalytic converter.

First off, they told me the catalytic converter would pay out as heavy metal because you need lots of paperwork to scrap it.
So bottom line is the recycler is actually taking the catalytic converter worth ? $70 and paying the scrapper $0.25?

Last but not least, I get my receipt from the scale guys and go to my truck. I was looking at the receipt and noticed that they conveniently left off the copper wire.

One would have to ask who the real crooks are.

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