Who Have You Seen in Concert?

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Richard S.
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Post by Richard S. » Fri. Sep. 07, 2012 9:37 pm


Aerosmith - Guns and Roses (Appetite for Destruction Tour :) ) at Pocono Downs, now the Mohegan Sun. By far the craziest thing I've ever seen due to the massive amount of people. You know how big that parking lot is? It was filled.

Motley Cue (Girls, Girls, Girls) and Whitesnake . This was also at Pocono Downs and the one that Tommy Lee was in the drum set that flipped around. Unfortunately they didn't do it there. :mad:

Metallica, And Justice for All tour, Allentown Fairgrounds


Rush, Roll the Bones, Nassau County Coliseum in NY.

Metallica, Free show in Philly outside in the parking lot of what wa then the new Spectrum.

Rush Again, This time inside the New Spectrum for a 3 hour non stop show and copious amounts of beer.

Bob Seger, Montage Mountain

Rush again, this time at Montage Mountain.

Two shows I had a chance to see and kick myself every time I think about it. Both were at Veterans Stadium .

Pink Floyd and Monsters of rock

The Monsters of Rock Ensemble:

* Van Halen (closing act, 100 minutes)
* Scorpions (75 minutes)
* Dokken (60 minutes)
* Metallica (60 minutes)
* Kingdom Come (45 minutes)

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Post by anthony7812 » Fri. Sep. 07, 2012 9:48 pm

2002 ozzfest
2003 I think I remember motley crue?
2003 ozzfest
2005 or 6 john fogerty/willie nelson
2005 Ozzfest IRONMAIDEN best show so far
2006 journey / def leppard
2006 motley crue again (worst concert yet)
2008 ACDC

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Post by SMITTY » Fri. Sep. 07, 2012 10:12 pm

I was there for Tommy's rotating drum set at the Worcester Centrum in '89 - mint show. We were beside the stage right next to the dancing hotties!

Scorpions - don't remember much from that show.

I think I saw Iron Maiden a time or 2 - can't remember that either. Anthrax opened for them one time - that I remember.

Metallica (And Justice For All tour) in '89 - was absolute mayhem. That I remember! Crowd was out of control. Security got tossed down the stairs, then like 40 people pushed their way onto the floor which was already packed. I had a blast! Almost got crushed in the crowd trying to get to the bathroom. Bathroom was 3 to a stall, 2 to a urinal and 3 to a sink!! Out of control! Back out on the way to my seat, a huge group of people just gave a big shove .. and there was nowhere to go. Being shorter than most, it was getting dangerous. If I fell, I'd have been trampled to death. That was fun! Security confiscated all my rings at the door - yeah, I had 8 of them - 4 on each hand, with horns sticking out. :lol: They were considered weapons.

Saw Rush in the 90's in Boston. Went with my girlfriend at the time, my brother, and another girl who has since left us (God rest her soul). I finished a pint of Southern Comfort on the Mass Pike (and I was driving ), then as we entered Boston, I washed down a couple Percocet. Got in & to my delight it was the first show ever that I was able to buy hard liquor at. That was never the case before in any MA venue. Spent about $120 at the concession stand buying J/D for everyone. Washed down 2 more Percs. Saw half the show, got in a fight with my girlfriend, then left to go find her, because she stormed off all pissed off. Girlfriend locked herself in the car, so I jumped on the hood and started kicking the windshield, calling her words that are disparaging to women. Made a big scene .... next thing I remember is puking out the rear door of my 4-door Buick on 93 South going 70 in traffic. Luckily the g/f was driving. Feel bad for the guys behind us! :lol:

Saw Cinderella, Winger and Bulletboys in the late 80's from a tree in Old Orchard Beach, ME. Me and a few guys from the campground got high as a kite, and decided to get in the show without paying. We climbed way up in these pine trees, and had a mint view. One of the guys wasn't high enough (literally and figuratively) and was afraid of heights .. so when security came thru with the dogs, one of them shined their light up and spotted his foot. BUSTED! We got tossed.

Saw Def Leppard (Hysteria tour) in '87 from that same parking lot .. only no security at that show. Smoked joints right out in the parking lot.. They had a killer laser show, right up there with Floyd shows - was wild! Girls everywhere in spandex - A few came over for some hits off my joint. I was loving life that night!

AC/DC in the early 90's - was like 6th row center with about 10 of my buddies - best seats I've ever had. I recall being drunk & crazy, & jumping up on my seat, arms in the air with the devilhorns, screaming ... made eye contact with Brian Johnson .. and he looked frightened! :lol: I looked behind me for a second & saw 12 security guards headed my way, with on grabbing my shirt yanking me to the floor. Told me one more & I was gone. :D The good ol' days! I ended up catching an AC/DC dollar bill with Angus's picture on the front - they came raining down from the ceiling during Money Talks. Still have it somewhere. I'll have to snap a pic of it. Think that show was in '91 or 2 ...can't remember.

Those are the ones that stand out. I'll have to do some severe mental digging to come up with the rest .. LOL !!
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Post by rberq » Fri. Sep. 07, 2012 10:12 pm

Jessye Norman
Luciano Pavarotti
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Post by Dann757 » Fri. Sep. 07, 2012 10:37 pm

My brothers saw The Beatles at Shea around '65, I had one of their ticket stubs but lost it during crazy high school years.

1st concert ever-- The Beach Boys - Troy, NY, ca. 1968 my brother threw a hat to Mike Love and he took it!

Almost went to Woodstock, age 12, didn't pan out, but I have a couple pieces of concrete from the original site piers, gathered a few years ago before they built the music center in Bethel.

Jethro Tull, NYC, park venue around the same time.

The Ramones, small venue Dover, NJ, ca 1970-- the dawn of punk, we booed them! Ay -Oh-Let's Go!

Elvis Costello, Morris County College ca. 1971, with Country Joe and the Fish. I patted Country Joe on the back after the show!

The Allman Bros. Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, NJ, ca. 1972 Blotter everywhere. The whole stadium turned into a giant speaker, saw planets circling around my friend's heads :D

CSN&Y same venue, I recall going through a hallway being squeezed so hard my feet left the floor as the crowd pushed through. :o

Frank Zappa, Felt Forum, NYC, 1973, my buddy dressed like Frank Zappa and chased his limo after the concert. Hysterical.

Rolling Stones, Madison Square Garden, 1975, worst seats in the house, but Mick Jagger came back on the star shaped stage, we were 20' from him.

During these high school years also saw Alvin Lee and Ten Years After, but also missed Pink Floyd on several occaisions to my regret!

Saw Bob Dylan, ELP, at the Binghamton Arena 1976-79. Listened to Heart from the outside.
Saw The Grateful Dead there too, somebody had California acid, best at the concert the girl said. My buddies took 1/4 I took 1/2 and they freaked out and had to leave, I was lovin' it hahahah. At the beginning I shouted "JERRRRRY!!!!" at the top of my lungs, and he heard me and laughed :lol:

Derek Truks, Morristown NJ, few years ago.

Bob Weir & Friends, small venue in NYC, several years ago. Great party, went with my buddy's crazy brother.

I'm sure there are others I can't remember........................ :P

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Post by warminmn » Fri. Sep. 07, 2012 11:05 pm

So many I cant remember them all, but will try

80's- Hank Jr a couple times, Hermans Hermits, The Grass Roots, numerous 60's rock bands

90's- Ted Nugent, Bad Company, Bob Dylan

since then- I'll never remember them all but,
Willie Nelson many, many times, got his autograph 4 times,
Merle Haggard many times the last being a couple months ago with Kris Kristofferson,
George Jones twice and met him once and got a picture of us together,
Toby Keith,
David Allan Coe a few times
Last of the Breed (Willie Nelson, Merle, Ray Price, asleep at the Wheel), that was the best show I ever saw as I was front row and got Willie's guitar pic after the show,
Charley Pride
Travis Tritt
Alice Cooper a couple times
Rob Zombie which I cant say I liked
Charlie Robison
Ray Wylie Hubbard which is one of my favorites and met him after show
Steve Earle
Farm Aid in St Louis MO which had Willie, John Mellencamp, Neil Young, Gretchen wilson, etc
Jamey Johnson a couple times
Billy Bob Thornton's band
Shooter Jennings a few times, met him after 2 shows
Cross Canadian Ragweed a couple times
Chris Knight, met him after show
Paul Thorn, met him after show
John Prine
Doc Watson
Billy Joe Shaver, met him after show, one of my favorites
Dwight Yoakam
Bottle Rockets, met after show
Little Texas
Todd snider
Dallas Moore Band
Jerry Jeff Walker
Marty Stuart, met after show
Bad Company
Gary Allen
and many others I cant think of as I go to a lot of concerts and am lucky at meeting them. My biggest regret was I had a ticket to Johnny Cash near the front and didnt get to the show, shame on me.

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freetown fred
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Post by freetown fred » Fri. Sep. 07, 2012 11:26 pm

Hell, I'm not even going to try & remember them all--but for a good start---What warmimn said--plus the KINKS on the USS Saratoga in the Med someplace in 1962 :dancing: :band: toothy

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Post by CapeCoaler » Sat. Sep. 08, 2012 12:58 am

Holy crap now I gott tink...
Lets just say way too many...
Had a friend who worked concerts on the common Boston for you out of towners...
Just bring pretty girls along and we were in...
Free Beer,soda,dogs, Plates of salt ;)
Just before Marvin Gaye was killed...
Back stage left...
Taking a hit on a joint...
Stage goes silent...
seemed like every one was lookin at us as the mike picked up the sound of the hit...
They did lots of work at other concerts so got to go some cool places at the events...
Other friend were DJ/Radio people so I helped them out and got passes...
Weirdest show was at CC Coliseum ZZ Top with a little known band called LoverBoy as the opening act...
Holy Crap LoverBoy got halfway through their second song Before the ZZ Top fans were throwing everything they had at the stage...
Final blow was the M80's and fireworks that got tossed at the stage...
Cape Cod Summer and the Coliseum...
too bad it closed up but we still have the Tent, not as crazy great view good now that I am not 18...
http://thephoenix.com/Boston/music/25518-40-great ... istory-29/
Madison Square Rolling Stones young and back stage crazy *censored*...

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Post by Freddy » Sat. Sep. 08, 2012 7:16 am

Not many, they don't come this far north too often!




The Beach Boys ( not a whole concert, just part of the band for 20 minutes at a local fair maybe 8 or 10 years ago)

James Taylor, before he was famous... a crowd of 300 at a university. His microphone kept cutting out, He said "Who needs this thing in such a small place?" and did the rest of the show without it.

The best for last: The Rolling Stones in Foxborough MA.

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Post by samhill » Sat. Sep. 08, 2012 8:07 am

I' ve seen just about all that toured into the Pittsburgh area in the late 60s into the early 90s, worked for a couple promoters & got to see them all if I would work them even drove some around & to & from the airport. Then doing a little of the same at Bush Gardens, Va., even got lost with Ronstadt in the limo, couldn't figure out why they asked a guy from Pittsburgh to drive in Va., got her there on time in any event.

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Richard S.
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Post by Richard S. » Sat. Sep. 08, 2012 9:58 am

SMITTY wrote:Metallica (And Justice For All tour) in '89 - was absolute mayhem. That I remember! Crowd was out of control.
At the show in Allentown we were up in the seats. Someone up in the back lit what had to be m-80 if not bigger and threw it. It exploded about 10 feet above everyone's head down below. That actually scared me a little because that's not funny at all. At the Philly show they were throwing full bottles of water into the air which were obviously landing on peoples heads all packed around the stage. That was the free show and I never saw so many cops in my life, they probably had a blank check from Metallica and brought the whole force there for overtime. There was cops on bikes, tow trucks, horses, walking etc. They even had cops up on top of the Spectrum with giant binocs.
Freddy wrote:
James Taylor, before he was famous... a crowd of 300 at a university. His microphone kept cutting out, He said "Who needs this thing in such a small place?" and did the rest of the show without it.
That is something I would have liked, I like James Taylor but the small atmosphere and the "before he was famous" takes the cake.


I forgot one more show that I missed. I had tickets for the Eagles at the arena here in Wilkes Barre. Front row, center stage but on the second level in the back. For me that's the ideal place because you really get to see the whole thing. I broke up with girlfriend after I bought them. I gave them to my Brothers brother-in-law who had just returned from Iraq, he kind of had to pry them from my hand because I figured this may be last chance to see them. :P

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Post by Dann757 » Thu. Sep. 20, 2012 1:35 pm

SMITTY wrote:Saw Rush in the 90's in Boston.

HAHAHA there was a Rush concert on TV the other night, now I can't get the lyrics out of my head, : "Fly by ni- ight, awaaay from here, fly by night awaaaay from heeere!" :D

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Post by Rob R. » Fri. Sep. 21, 2012 10:45 am

My list is pretty short compared to most of you guys.

AC/DC - Stiff Upper Lip Tour. Best concert I have attended.
Tom Petty
Allman Brothers
Def Leppard
Eddie Money - Met him after the show and got an autographed album.

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Post by NoSmoke » Fri. Oct. 26, 2012 5:48 am

A few years back I saw Stxy/REO Speedwagon and Def Leppard in concert at the Verizon Center in Manchester NH...that was a good show, but it was my one and only rock concert I ever attended.

GA cracker
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Post by GA cracker » Fri. Oct. 26, 2012 3:18 pm

Montrose with Joe Walsh
Lynyrd Skynard
38 Special
Charlie Daniels
Mothers Finest
White Shake
Atlanta Rythym Section
Mostly all back in the 70's

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