Superior Coal Review for 2017

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Post By: DRBill » Wed. Nov. 15, 2017 3:29 pm

I got three tons of nut from Superior on 9/8. Fired up the Harmon MkII about two weeks ago. It is definitely red ash, and seems to be low density/high ash. I half fill the ash bucket on the porch and, usually, it takes three days. Now, it takes two days. That is about all I can carry in a plastic bag to the dumpster. Mostly fine ash, but a few flakes. Last year it was a mix of red and white ash with big flakes, but this year it is definitely red ash. My wife said it is definitely not turning out the heat it did in years past. Back then, I needed to open the draft about one turn. Now, to get the house up to 74-76F. I have to open it up 1 1/2 turns and turn on the blower. At night, I turn it down to 3/4 turns so I still have a fire in the morning after ten hours and set the hot air furnace at 71F. So far, it hasn't come on. 76F. with the coal stove is nice. 71F. with the hot air furnace is HOT. Anyone else have any comments on the coal Superior is selling this year?

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