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Got Coal? You can make dealer inquiries here for both anthracite and bituminous coal. Co-op information for those looking to purchase in bulk as a group. Reviews on different brands and dealers.
Big Jim
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Post Sun. Aug. 24, 2008 11:50 pm

I for one am very interested in paying as little as possible for heating fuel. I am in Dover Foxcroft, Maine area. I have a coal stove that looks very much like Justin S. Crane Cooker. By the way, can anyone tell me why some stoves are tall and narrow and others short and stout? Does the design have anything to do with the type of coal that burns best in them? The product info for my stove suggests egg size coal but does not mention anthracite or bituminous. My stove is tall and narrow. Bought at Sears around 1979. Never installed.

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Post Mon. Aug. 25, 2008 6:20 am

Jim, can you take some pictures of your stove's firebox and grates and post them in the hand-fed forum? We should be able to tell you what type of coal is appropriate.

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Post Sun. Sep. 14, 2008 9:46 am

I am looking for 2-3 tons Rice coal in the Western MA area. I am in Sunderland just a few miles off of I-91 exit 24 near South Deerfield. I have a coal bin on wheels waiting to be filled. Thanks, Dennis

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Post Tue. Sep. 30, 2008 5:06 pm

I am a newbie to the coal burning thing. I am planning to purchase a stove soon but wanted to figure out the logistics first.

Northwest/West Central Ohio - I can get bulk anthracite coal 1-1/2 hours to the north for $260/ton... Bagged for $300/ton delivered. Does anyone know of a source close so me and 3 other guys can split 20+ tons? We have access to a 20 ton dumptruck and would travel a couple hours if the price was right. Thanks! Coal is not popular in this area and any help would be great!!!!

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Post Sun. Oct. 05, 2008 5:56 am

I live in the Buffalo NY area and am looking for 4 tons of rice coal. Also know someone else looking for 2-4tons. If we can save a worthwhile dollar amount, would be interested in splitting a truckload.

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Post Fri. Oct. 24, 2008 7:06 pm

I'll take 23 tons delivered to 18062 rice please. Price must be around 100 a ton. as I pick it up for 185.

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Post Mon. Oct. 27, 2008 2:56 pm

You'll be waiting a long time to get it for 100 a ton my friend....when they charge 145 and up if you go straight to the breaker and buy it. Bulk sales do not mean anything to them because they are already selling everything they can produce now...I hope you were not serious in thinking you could get it delivered for 100 a least not now.

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Post Sat. Nov. 01, 2008 11:18 am

can anyone give me some info of a good place to buy a truck load of bagged blachak rice close as I can get to mich.also looking for some guys to spilt a load next year. I live in mich. upper penninsula (marquette co.) this forum (you guys) has helped me so much, thank you all bruce

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Post Sat. Nov. 01, 2008 5:37 pm

Hello All,

I am looking for someone in the Palmyra NY area to split a load of Rice Coal bagged or bulk.


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Post Wed. Nov. 05, 2008 4:56 pm

coalishot wrote:I'll take 23 tons delivered to 18062 rice please. Price must be around 100 a ton. as I pick it up for 185.

Hi, I need a rice coal too. Do you find where to buy it for less than $200.00 per tonn?


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