Stepping Back in Time

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Recently I purchased a few photographic copies of old time coal breakers. The names on the collieries are largely unfamiliar to me. Along with the pictures was an actual pay statement from Susquehanna Collieriers Company, Shamokin Division , Luke Fidler Colliery. It is filled out in black ink pen, lists the man's name and for occupation is written the word Fireman. The date is May 16,1920. It states work period for payment is 17 days, earnings $67.01 minus $5.60 for Rent and minus $1.25 for Misc. Amount due for 17 days work [hours are not listed ,only calculation is for days] is listed as $60.16. There are no taxes shown or withheld from this man's pay. So there is a little glimpse of what things were like almost 94 years ago here in the Penna. Coal region. Mike

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Mike,Thanx for the glimpse back in Time ! It's Amazing! :gee:
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KOOL post Mike, I'd bet those hrs weren't 8 hrs a day :)
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