Coal From Mammoth Materials

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Post Mon. Oct. 28, 2013 9:00 pm

BlackBetty06 wrote:Me and my dad just got 3 ton each of nut coal from mammoth. Still burning wood but hoping this burns good. I ended last year burning UAE Harmony but seemed to clinker on me when I was burning really hot. It had Great heat output though.
I was happy with the Mammoth Materials coal, especially for the price. It definitely has more ash than the old UAE Harmony coal, but there didn't seem to be any noticable difference in coal consumption and heat output. I didn't get any clinkers with the Mammoth coal, which was the one downside to the old UAE Harmony coal.

Report back once you switch to coal and let us know what you think! 8-)
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Post Thu. Dec. 12, 2013 10:03 pm

I've been burning mammoth nut coal for a week now. I finally gave up wood till spring. I am very impressed so far. Coal burns long and hot and ignites quickly. It's a little dusty so I give it a sprits of water before I start digging. The ash seems to be the same or less than harmony and also has a slight redish tint to it. No clinkers so far either, just nice even heat.

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Post Sat. Dec. 14, 2013 9:42 pm

I decided to give the coal from mammoth materials a try also. I purchased 10 buckets total for $35 I was charged. 5 buckets rice and 5 buckets buck. First I tried the rice coal and I felt it didn't throw out as much heat as the old harmony coal I used to get plus made much more ash. the rice coal was also was very dirty coal from my observation. It's definitely undersized and like another member posted probably closer to barley size. I also had a lot of rock in my ash. My review of the buck is much better. It was relatively clean and threw out a good amount of heat. I'm very pleased with the buck burning in my stove now.

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