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Got Coal? You can make dealer inquiries here for both anthracite and bituminous coal. Co-op information for those looking to purchase in bulk as a group. Reviews on different brands and dealers.
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Made the trip to UAE yesterday and brought back 1.7 tons,that is running just under rating for the little trailer.I asked about a price increase and was told that it will be going up $5.00 as of August 1.[tomorrow] I calculate that out to be a 3.03 percent increase and we all know what the price of diesel fuel is doing these days. That will bring their cost up to $170/ton. I can count on my overall cost being up $8.50 for the next trip to the mine.If you are going there soon it might be a good idea to call ahead to be sure they have what you want.The bins did not look too full when I was there yesterday.It is likely that I will never be able to get access to all of this cheap,plentiful and local Pennsylvania natural gas they are continually harping about so right now $170/ton picked up at the mine looks O.K. by me. Mike

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