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BB, I don't know about that info. as far as I knew any loader that has a Certified Scale is responsible for overloads just as much as the drivers are. Some will even have a near by area where you can take some off if you are real close but you won't get a scale ticket that has an overload weight on it. I drove bigger trucks but saw many small trucks pull over & off load some & get back in line.

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The weighmasters has a license that is issued by the state and they are responsible for what you leave with, I don't know where you live but I do know in schuylkill county even the quarrys wont allow you to leave any more if you are overweight, I know I am not gonna jeporadize my licence if I were a weighmaster SCRAPPER

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Contrary to popular belief, laws are not made to be broken, if my license is a mandate for my livelihood, why would I risk it over something stupid or misinformation. Good posts Sam & Scrapper ;)

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Body Hammer wrote:Does that mean there will be no Blaschak period? I only have access to Kimmels and Blashack. And the kimmels I tried wasn't very good.
Blashak is running fine, but there is also a place that has very good coal down here called earth and fire supply, they are reasonable too. call them if you cant get blashak or if you just want a good alternative. 570-668-3802

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