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Post Sun. Jul. 31, 2011 7:12 am

A person might have thought that on a hot muggy day in the last week of July things would be a little laid back at the Harmony mine pickup site. Far from it. When I arrived there were 4 vehicles waiting to be loaded and 2 coming from the weigh in scale to get in line to be loaded. My small trailer carried 3320 pounds away,which checked out at 1.66 tons. It cost $249.The coal was clean and dry,there was no water dripping from the trailer. There were several serious trucks getting loaded,one large dump that went under the overhead type dumper and yet another bigger dump that was getting loaded with one of their monster front end loaders.They explained that as of August 1 prices will be up $8.00 to $158.per ton.The price increase was the first in two years and that was the reason that all of the early stocking up was being done.I learned that just one of their monster front end loaders goes thru 100 gallons of diesel fuel per day.Diesel fuel is 4 bucks per now around here.In light of some of the other cost increases we have all suffered with lately,I can only smile and be appreciative of the Harmony Coal folks. Now that all of the "fluff"talk is over,I have to get to work and unload this stuff,no diesel fuel required. Mike

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I was headed to UAE's Harmony mine on Friday also but didn't make it because I had a tire blow out on the trailer. It would have been the second load for me. I was trying to beat the price increase too. When I was there on the 19th it wasn't very busy, only one large dump and one trailer went thru the scales as I took my time to tarp up and cover the load. I'm sure glad I didn't have the blow out while the trailer was loaded with almost 4 tons! Failure was caused by leaking valve stems; on the side of the trailer that sits in the sun. Ruined two tires, one blow out and one severe tread wear. I never felt a thing wrong in the drivers seat. Just cruising down the road at speed limit + 5.
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Post Mon. Aug. 01, 2011 6:41 pm

went to harmony this am,the bins were full and the coal looked great! were about 4-5 pickup trucks there the same time as me.i will be back in 2 weeks for another load. :)

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