Rice Coal Delivered in Oley, Pa.

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Post Wed. Feb. 02, 2011 11:04 am

Looking for 2ton delivery and price for delivery included,In Oley area.Thank you.

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Try Brown's in Reading. That's where I used to buy mine.
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Many moons ago there was a hardware store right on the main drag in Oley that sold stoves and coal, can't remember their name offhand, but I know they sold Alaska stoves. I haven't been through there in about 20 years, but I am guessing that they aren't there any longer or you would know about them. I'll have to check the snowblower in the garage, I think there is a sticker on that from when we bought it there in '86.

Could barely make out some of the letters on the sticker, but it looked like Mast was the name of the store.
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Post Fri. Feb. 04, 2011 9:51 am


I think you were thinking of Keen's lumber or was it Keen's hardware. Not sure of the spelling of the name.

That is the place where my Dad bought both of his Alaska stoves. But alas, they are out of business. If I remember, I think there was a lawsuit over CO poisoning or something like that that did them in.

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