Source of Bagged Coal in Ontario, Canada

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Post Mon. Mar. 10, 2014 1:57 pm

Sorry for not updating this post earlier.

I never found a source of bituminous coal in Ontario. Mostly I found anthracite, which I was sure would not burn in my fireplace (more on that later).

However, I did take the advice of Duengeon master and I contacted Streat Fuels in Flint, Michigan. George Streat is a great guy to deal with and the "Leatherwood chunk" coal he gets from West Virginia burns beautifully in my fireplace. It starts almost as easily as wood and burns longer and more evenly. And the smell is fantastic (although my wife doesn't like it). The only problem is that most of what Streat gets is soccer ball sized or even larger, but George was good enough to put aside about half a ton of baseball sized pieces left over after the bigger stuff gets taken.

I did mange to get my hands on a few pounds of hard coal and tried to burn it in my fireplace and it wouldn't even start; it would barely burn even after adding it to an already-burning coal fire using the West Virginia coal from Streat. So, I'm glad I didn't order a ton of anthracite to try out. :)

As some have asked, I've attached a picture of the fireplace in action.

Thanks again for everyone's help.
John New
London, Ontario, Canada

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Looks good John. I don't know if you saw my earlier post and link but this supplier is in London, Ontario.

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Thanks for the link. I did go look at that page, but they are selling hard anthracite coal which works well for boilers but doesn't for open fireplaces, at least in my limited experience with coal.
John New
London, Ontario, Canada

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Duengeon master wrote:That looks like a coal burning fireplace that they have in England. It burns bituminous coal. I am not familiar with Ontario, However you say that you are two hours east of Detroit. About an hour north of Detroit is Flint, Michigan. Streat fuel sells Bituminous coal that may work in your fireplace. :) We want to see pictures of burning coal in your fireplace.

Streat Fuel & Storage
800 Erie StFlint,MI48507-1615 (map)
(810) 232-0167

I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan near Escanaba, and I get my coal from KW Feeds in Farwell, MI. Just a couple miles west of Claire, MI, which is on highway US-127. It's a five hour drive for me one way. You can easily reach it from London, Ontario by coming across the Bluewater Bridge at Sarnia/Port Huron. Probably 4 hour drive tops. The owner, Ken Warner, is a great gent and has super prices. For me it's well worth the drive there and back to pick up 3 pallets of coal at a time. I don't know anything about the Flint supplier listed, but it's located in S.W. Flint. Flint proper is a place to avoid IMHO. Too much crime, second only to Detroit. Just a data point.

KW Feeds
550 E Ludington Dr
Farwell, MI 48622‎
+1 989-588-0549

[email protected]

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Hi there,
I work in Dorchester, close to london. We bought a century home last year and have a huge pile of coal in the basement. Not sure what to do with it now? Would this work in your fireplace?

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