Coal Delivery in Central Maryland?

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We recently moved into a house equipped with an HS Tarm 400 Series Wood/Coal boiler. The home also has a traditional oil burning furnace to supplement the wood/coal furnace when in use. The house sits on a 17 acre wooded lot designated as a "tree farm", so there's no shortage of wood to burn! The furnace works well when burning wood and seems to maintain the interior temperature of the house. I've experimented with turning off the oil furnace all together and although it works, it burns a lot faster than if it's being supplemented by the oil furnace. One of the reasons I've started looking into burning coal is because I can't maintain a wood burning fire overnight without adding more wood every 3 or 4 hours.

Several of the recommendations I've received have suggested I look to Superior and/or UAE for the best Anthracite provider in quality and price. If I lived closer to PA then I'd likely already be driving to either Superior or UAE to buy a ton or two. And not to say I can't still do that, I'd just like to confirm if any delivery services exist before making the 2 hour drive north.

Anyway, if anyone can suggest a coalman that delivers to the Maryland area, I'm about halfway between Baltimore and D.C., a easily accessible from interstate 95. Feel free to pass on any other newbie tips for getting started with coal burning heat. I'd appreciate all the help I can get!!



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