LC&N Closed? Any Recommendations?

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Post Thu. Nov. 25, 2010 6:02 am

Hayhay everyone.

Iv been behind the ball on getting coal this year chasing work. (Carpenter) And I went to call LeHigh Coal and navigation and there numbers are down and I was reading some articles on them. Does anyone know if they restructured? Changed names? Or just closed down? I really like there coal for the last few years. Burns hot, with little ash. And my father and I split between our house hold's about 10 tons a year. If anyone has any info on this breaker that would be great, or if you have suggestions on were to go for comparable coal.
I live in OC NY. and have always enjoyed the trip. Dont mind a ride, just looking for the better of the coal :-) I'm just not sure were to turn now. I was viewing the google map that had breaker listed, but saw alot of them were dated in 2009.
Any pointers on this would be greatly appreciated!


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Post Thu. Nov. 25, 2010 8:19 am

There are plenty of other breakers, choose another.....

I don't know where OC is, but I'm assuming Orange County.....and in that case I do know you area a little.
What size are you burning? What kind of stove, boiler or furnace? How much do you need/use? You can look over the posts on suppliers/ breakers or just head down I 84 to I81. Blashak is excellent, UAE is excellent, and many others in the general area. Superior, Lenigs.......

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