Donson Coal ?

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Has anyone had experience using Donson bagged nut coal Coal ? I was burning Blaschak nut coal but my supplier is now getting Donson coal ( 50lb bags). The coal has a red ash and I seem to be getting a lot of clickers . The Blaschak was more of a white ask and not many clickers. This is my first year burning anthracite and I am wondering if I need to shake the grates more often with this type of coal,. (red ash) This morning the stove (Hitzer 503) was nearly out and I had a lot of ash build up and found some very large clickers that would never pass through the grate. Subsequently, the fire is out and I need to restart. Any suggestions or if you had a similar experience with this coal I would like to know .

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I've been getting Donson coal for my mother's stove, and we have been having good luck with it. Lots of heat, long lasting and no clinkers.

I got five bags of Redding and I had to restart the stove twice. With the Donson the stove had gone three months without relight.

Her stove is a Crane model 404.
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