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I just got picked up 1 ton of rice from Stockton Anthracite in Hazleton, looks good very dark black shinny hard and clean with low ash. The only thing I noticed is it burns with a blue flame at idle but green at higher rates. From what I read green flames is a sign of lower quality coal is this true? Does most coal from Hazleton area do this like Jeddo or Hazleton Shaft?

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The different flame color is probably the result of a different mix/level of volitiles in the coal. e.g. sulfur, copper, etc. That said, I would let the ash pan and stove thermometer be your guide on the quality of the coal.

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i get my coal from stockon anthracite. I get stove coal. I notice mostly blue flames but do get very promiment white flames... not recently.. but did get some in my two previous batches.... cant wait for the green though!!!

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Martian coal?? :sick:

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