Jeddo and Hudson Coal

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I have just found this forum and I have to say that its great lots of good info. I have been burning coal for 2 yrs now and always used the same supplier but now the supplier has stopped selling coal. I found a supplier that sells Jeddo or I can go to Hudson and pick some up. I have been reading about red and white ash and would like to get something with low ash, low dust and low fly ash. I have read that the white ash usually has more dust and fly ash. My question is what type of ash is Jeddo and Hudson.

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I just finished up the ton I bought from Hudson last spring. Theirs was white ash. I cannot comment on Jeddo as I have never tried theirs.

I found Hudson to be pretty good compared to some of the mystery coal I have bought locally.

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Jeddo is white ash.
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Call Hudson before you go. Stock Pile was huge Monday when I went. I went back Thursday and I took 3 more ton. Looked like I left em about 3 ton. They were digging all around the scales with an excavator, I had to my back off becaue the ditch in front of it.

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