STUFF I Didn't Know (About Coal)

Got Coal? You can make dealer inquiries here for both anthracite and bituminous coal. Co-op information for those looking to purchase in bulk as a group. Reviews on different brands and dealers.
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Excellent idea. Hope you are not microphone shy Berlin.
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no, i'm not microphone shy. I wouldn't mind being a guest at some point, but I don't have a microphone etc. and there's very few people that are interested in bituminous coal. I'm not the best person to have as a guest- I don't have anything close to the knowledge that some members here have on anthracite stokers/stoves/sources etc and would not be very helpful when it came to that. At some point in the future it may be a good idea, but not right now.
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BTU's in Anthracite Ranges from 22 million to 28 million BTU's per ton US Averages is 25 million BTU's per ton 11.000 to 14.000 BTU's per lb .
Bituminous BTU's Ranges from 21 million to 30 million BTU's per ton US Averages is 24 million BTU's per ton 10.500 to 15.000
btu's per lb.
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Post Tue. Oct. 27, 2009 4:15 am

check out these stoker boilers from the coalman and the homesteader
once you burnt black you never go back
burning ky bit 13,900 btu

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