Tractor Supply Kimmel Nut and Rice Sale

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Post by fig » Mon. Feb. 22, 2021 11:53 pm

I ran out of Blashak so I bought 14 bags of TSC coal. It was all they had on hand. This is completely different from the last ton I bought from them. Much smaller. Less glossy. Doesn’t take off and run away like the last stuff would.

Tbh it’s identical to the Blashak. The flame even looks the same. I’ll be interested to see if it burns down to rocks and clinkers up like the last stuff did or if it just burns to small chips like the Blashak does.

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Post by LBrookm » Wed. Feb. 24, 2021 8:01 am

I’m finding the tsc coal varies from one pallet to the next. Just finished a pallet that was full of clinkers - it looked like bits of iron fused together in the ash and almost sounds like silver coins clinking when dumping the ash bucket in driveway. In the Warm Morning I found it very important to keep draft down to -.02 or the small clinkers will grow huge. With good draft control tending is a matter of rotating the whole grate briskly then shaking the dump section in and out the clinkers would drop into the pan. Just transitioned to another pallet and this coal is burning nice with noticeably less primary air. It’s more gray powdery ash and the pieces are larger with much less fines. Only difference in packaging I noticed was the clinker coal didn’t have the handle molded in one end of the tsc plastic bag.

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