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Post by AllanD » Sun. Feb. 09, 2020 5:59 pm

Weather forcast for tonight here in North-eastern Pennsylvania is 1=3" of snow and so it was time to retarp the double axle Dump trailer parked in my back yard immediatly outside my covered patio, I didn't get it tarped for the last snow so I had it open so our recent rains could wash away the snow.

That plus it was quite warm last week so I had some hope of the sun and warm conditions to dry the coal out a bit, only because any residual moisture makes it hard to light (though I have 1/2 ton in my "coal bin" (A capped 7ft ford ranger bed resting on a timbered frame that sticks one foot under my covered patio door)and harder to shovel, when it inevitably gets colder and it all freezes together (that is my definition of a real R.P.I.T.A.)

But what would be far worse is 3" of snow that becomes waterlogged by the rain that follows it, then that all freezes together (none of the resulting concrete like Ice is likely to melt until mid-March!_

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Post by NoSmoke » Mon. Feb. 10, 2020 2:58 pm

If you think your life is tough, try being a Trophy-Husband.

The youngest is sick and could not go to school, but the older kids went, but two hours late due to the ice/rain/snow we got. Anyway, the bus went up the hill to turn around, but never came back, so I knew the driver was stuck.

I ended up taking my tractor about a mile up the road and it would not tow the bus out. So the maintenance garage came over, and with them pulling with their truck, and me pushing with my tractor, it came out. I was soaked from rain when I got home.

So there went my morning, but at least I did a good deed for the day!

As I said, it is tough being a trophy-husband. (LOL)

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Post by CapeCoaler » Mon. Feb. 10, 2020 7:09 pm

I get sick duty because I have the 'Flexible Schedule'...
3 home today...

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