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Post by Bubbalowe » Thu. Dec. 06, 2018 9:32 am

Do anthracite coal dealers use coal testing labs and share results? It matters not to me, I just plunk down money and burn but there seem to be numerous conversations comparing quality based on seat of the pants observations. Many variables affect burning and opinions can vary but suspect most anthracite has relatively the same amount of btu/ash/sulphur ?

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Post by DRBill » Thu. Dec. 06, 2018 5:10 pm

Good question and I hope some of the coal dealers can answer this. I got 2 3/4 ton of nut end of August as the bin had about a quarter of a ton left and it normally holds 3 ton. Really filled the bin and my thought was that this was low density. That has proven to be correct. Yes, I know, 40 cu.feet per ton. Normally, I charge the Harman Mark II twice a day. Now, it is four times a day and I have to really turn it down or risk losing fire overnight (9 pm-8 am). Not really red ash or white ash, more of a light pink, so I suspect the breaker was blending it. The one thing I noticed this year was that a lot of the coal had striations. Mostly thin pieces, but sometimes thicker pieces. Never noticed this before. Is this a function of mining low seams or something else? Yes, I know, you get what you get each year. One year, the coal was close to metalurgical coal as it was hard to keep lit unless I really opened up the draft. This year just the opposite in that it burns up too quickly. Other than buying a half ton and knowing it will change next time you buy, any way to determine the quality?

For our wood burning friends. My buddy has a wood stove in his shop and was having trouble keeping it going. My thought was that the stove pipe needed to heat up before it would draw a good draft. Don't know the size of his chimney nor what stove he is attempting to use. Suspect he is burning soft wood in his shop to get rid of it. That would mean a lot of creosote buildup.


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